Winter Solstice morning on Primrose Hill


Sunrise on the morning of the Winter Solstice on Primrose Hill, London.

Limited Edition 1 of 25 Prints available – signed with certificate of authenticity.

50 inches by 33.3 inches print.

C type print, Fuji Matt

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The meeting of night and day, where we transition between light and darkness, from one world to another. It is the most mysterious time and on certain days a golden light showers us as a new day begins.

London is a majestic and magical City and is full of energy. I found a book on the sacred sites of London and maps of the ancient energy lines – that our ancestors understood but that we have little or no idea about – and visited them with my camera, this series of prints offer views from some of these places at twilight.

Athwart the sky a lowly sigh
From west to east the sweet wind carried;
The sun stood still on Primrose Hill;
His light in all the city tarried:
The clouds on viewless columns bloomed
Like smouldering lilies unconsumed.’Oh sweetheart, see! how shadowy,
Of some occult magician’s rearing,
Or swung in space of heaven’s grace
Dissolving, dimly reappearing,
Afloat upon ethereal tides
St. Paul’s above the city rides!’A rumour broke through the thin smoke
Enwreathing abbey, tower, and palace,
The parks, the squares, the thoroughfares,
The million-peopled lanes and alleys,
An ever-muttering prisoned storm,
The heart of London beating warm.

John Davidson