Windsor Races – Print 2


Parading before the races.

Limited edition 1 of 50.

Signed with certificate of authenticity.

42″ by 33″ –  C-Type Print,  Fuji Matt Paper.


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Black and white negative shot on the Mamiya RZ67 at the races in Windsor.

Racehorses are walked into the pre-parade ring around half an hour before each race is due to begin, so they can be led around by their grooms to get their muscles moving and their blood flowing.

The relationship between man and the magnificent beast of horse has lasted for milenia. At this moment in time in main stream culture this relationship has diluted almost to extinction. There are however places where this relationship still thrives. No where more than at the races where the grooms and jockeys work together with these awesome beasts.

“Not the ones speaking the same language, but the ones sharing the same feeling understand each other” Rumi