Twilight at St. Pauls


Twilight at the Solstice. St. Pauls, London

Limited Edition 1 of 25 Prints available – signed with certificate of authenticity.

50 inches by 33.3 inches print.

C type print, Fuji Matt

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Until 1963 St. Pauls dominated Londons skyline and was Londons tallest building.

Ancient literature describes it as Londons esoteric heart and it miraculously survived the Blitz. It stands at the centre of London and has been a sacred site since 604 AD.

Here it is captured in. the magic of twilight on the Winder Solstice.


Tiptoing twilight,
Before you pass,
Bathe light my spirit
As dew bathes grass.
Quiet the longing
Of my hands that yearn,
As you fold the flower
And hush the fern.
Guard me with shadows
To fortify
My failing purpose,
My tired eye,
That in your stillness
I may relight
My faith’s frail candle
Before the night.

Hazel Hall