The Golden Dawn


Sunrise on Parliament Hill, London.

Limited Edition 1 of 25 Prints available – signed with certificate of authenticity.

50 inches by 33.3 inches print.

C type print, Fuji Matt

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The meeting of night and day, where we transition between light and darkness, from one world to another. It is the most mysterious time and on certain days a golden light showers us as a new day begins.

London is a majestic and magical City and is full of energy. I found a book on the sacred sites of London and maps of the ancient energy lines – that our ancestors understood but that we have little or no idea about – and visited them with my camera, this series are views from some of these places at twilight.

Here is Parliament Hill at dawn – a window into another world.

“The twilight is the crack between the worlds. It is the door to the unknown”  Tales of Power – Carlos Castaneda