Spring cherry blossom on gold dark – 52′ by 37.5′


Spring cherry blossom on dark gold. Limited edition 1 of 25.

Signed with certificate of authenticity.

52 inches by 37.5 inches print.

C type print, Fuji Matt

18 in stock


Beautiful spring blossom photographed on a luxury gold background basking in natural light.

This tree lives in my garden, it is barley noticeable throughout the year but as spring emerges it bursts into life. This year I sat with it I burnt special incense and asked if I could take a branch and share its beauty with the world.

I hung this sacred branch in my studio and as the sun moved across the horizon showering it’s light through the south facing window I photographed it throughout the day.

on a soft breeze the rustle
of cherry blossom

Frank Williams