Our Approach

Portraiture is not just about taking a photograph. It can be a transformational experience that gets you to the core of who you really are and shows you in your truest form.

A photographic portrait will serve you for the whole of your life and so it is important. It is something that will capture you at this moment in time and that will live on forever. It is a sacred experience that, like life, is also playful and fun.

My approach is capturing who you really are, your essence, and once this is done then your portrait will work for you in whatever capacity that you use it in. People I have worked with have said after working together they see themselves in a new light.

Everyone struggles with their own image and if you do not enjoy having your photograph taken that’s ok. Most people are exactly the same. I see it as my responsibility to, by working together,  get you to place where you feel comfertable in front of camera and can express who you really are so that this shines from your eyes and radiates from your photograph

In the session we can focus on one portrait or we can do several different scenarios showing the different sides of you. It is really up to you and what you want from the session.

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“The most life affirming, enlivening, and dynamic experiences. Enter into a magical timeless world of self expression, friendship, fun, confidence, human dignity, and the intimacy of revealing the treasure of your true nature. True liberation and commitment to the self”
Victoria Stoate

“Gregory has done fantastic job on a portrait photo shoot of myself. He is very passionate about his work and strives to deliver the best quality work under any given circumstances. I’d recommend him to anyone needing high-end photographic work done.“
Alex Marek

“I avoid having my photo taken at all costs, but Gregory made the experience huge fun and effortless. The results were amazing, I never thought someone could capture so much and such variation. I would recommend Gregory to anyone who wants fantastic results and a magical time..“
Louise Marsh – Coach