Face to Face with Myself

During a bodywork retreat in a stately home in the beautiful Kent countryside we photographed people before and after a Tensegrity® session. We then flipped the images so they were face to face, with interesting results. I wont say which was before the energetic practice and which was after you can try to discover for yourself.

The conditions were not ideal and we used only natural daylight from a huge window so the light changed during the 3 hour session. That said it still produced some interesting results.

I have conducted many experiments such as this, after meditation sessions, yoga sessions and other spiritual or energetic practices that change your inner state – all be in temporarily – and the results always surprise me and are never what I think.

Perhaps I will share some of these in this journal in the future. What i apparent and true in every one is that it is possible to see personality and it is possible to see essence or energy through the face.


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